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Movie Synopsis
Successful business owner Cesar Miles is a 26 year old male who lives with his girlfriend Angie and their daughter on the Westside of Harlem. Lucas Wise, a 24 year old slick talker with a slew of unsteady relationships, is a manager at Fedex. One day, Lucas and his girlfriend are having a conversation in Cesar’s restaurant, when Cesar overhears Lucas tell his girlfriend that he is trying to be God. Cesar recalls having a similar conversation with Angie and decides to confront Lucas about it. Once they begin to converse, the two discover they have the same mission: To play God by putting a “rush” on karma and commit malicious acts against those who do wrong. Can Cesar and Lucas allow karma to run it’s course? Or do they have an addiction to perform “Good Deeds” by avenging others? Will their “Good Deeds” last forever? Or will egos, loyalty and regret bring their plan to an end?

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Mike Jay is on the rise to stardom and will be the next big thing in music. He is a very talented singer and song writer from Detroit . Mike says he got into music at a early age and how he has so much love for it. During our interview he stated that the person who influenced him the most was his brother who showed him the way. Mike has also written songs for some major artist out today, he’s a very mature 22 year old making his way in the industry. Mike stated that he would love to do a concert with all ladies at the concert only a few men(lol) like the late Marvin Gaye.

Be on the Look out for this R&B singer song writer Mike Jay check out his video below.
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