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An East Side Story is a web series based in Newark, NJ which will illustrate the true elements and effects of its gang culture that has plagued the city streets for the past decade. Unlike its gang roots in Los Angeles, California, a majority of gang related deaths in Newark are drug related.

The much anticipated series will take viewers on a visual ride through some of the worst neighborhoods in and around Northern New Jersey, while revealing gang ideology as well as the do’s and don'ts for survival on the streets. In addition, the series will touch on the deep Islamic roots in the city that have been widely criticized and condemned for being an illicit group as well.
An East Side Story will also provide its audience with a first hand look at drug abuse. This will come from people who’ve actually managed to survive the detrimental cycle, after battling the effects for many years. Even today, some of these same individuals are still struggling to overcome the effects. While heroin is the drug of choice for many addicts, it is widely considered the number one health crisis in New Jersey. In the past ten years, it has not only plagued the state of New Jersey, but the entire country causing an astronomical increase in drug treatment centers across the country, particularly in urban areas like Newark.
Lastly, the series will open the public’s eyes to the views of its politicians, investors, and drug dealers, while showing the urgent need for social programming and community outreach. The show will also bring to view how Newark is looked at from an economical standpoint by those looking to prosper by any means necessary.