There is conflict in the heart!!! The Game has to explain to me how in an interview about Sean Bell he shed tears, expressing his compassion for the incident of police brutality. Sean Bell was killed, his friends Joseph Guzman shot 16x, and Trent Benefield 3x. Fast forward a few years, Unbeknownst to The Game, Joseph Guzman is a partner in a nightclub, Caviar Nightlife in Charlotte NC. The nightclub books The Game to host an event in July 2014. After signing a contract & wiring a deposit, The Game does a video drop advertising the event and posts event flyer on his Instagram social media page. On July 11, 2014 The Game does not notify the club until 8:20pm that he will not be honoring his contractual obligation to make appearance at the venue. In good faith the nightclub notifies the public and issues refund for all advance tickets sold. On July 12, 2014, The Game posts a photograph of himself at LAX airport with a bogus statement regarding his failure to appear at Caviar Nightlife in Charlotte NC. The Game management presents Caviar Nightlife with an alternative date, August 1, 2014 and AGAIN promotes the rescheduled event on his Instagram social media page. In good faith The Game was paid in full for appearance fees and travel. On August 1, 2014 for the second time The Game refused to travel to North Carolina to honor contractual agreement made to host event at Caviar Nightlife, causing the nightclub to now lose tens of thousands of dollars on promotional expenses and his appearance fee. Furthermore damaging the clubs reputation for business by appearing to false advertise The Game event. After numerous attempts to contact The Game and/or management, Joseph Guzman personally attempted to contact The Game in hopes of resolving the matter, since he previously had shown such empathy towards Mr Guzman & Sean Bell. To date The Game refused to return appearance fee, refund lost travel fees and/or any additional fees associated with the two missed events. Caviar Nightlife had to retain legal representation and again The Game has made no attempt what so ever to address this issue. You can imagine how Mr Guzman feels to now listen to The Game rap again for justice for Sean Bell and in the media to use the tragedy of police brutality for publicity for himself. “He fraudulently took money from my business but then publicly speaks about my plight” says Joseph. I was wounded and nearly lost my life to have a very public supporter then rob me years later…THE IRONY.